February 2016.

In this month’s HARC e-Bulletin, we look at new research on interventions that are having a positive impact on health outcomes, and some that aren’t proving quite as successful.

In our focus on falls and fractures, we report on a study revealing the heavy cost burden of osteoporosis-related falls on on one state health system, while another study shows falls prevention strategies are falling short of their intended impact.

Among the interventions that are proving succesful are a Hospital in the Home service for aged care facility residents with pneumonia in Victoria, and the SEPSIS KILLS program implemented by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) in NSW hospitals.

In our profile, we meet 2015 HARC scholar Sigrid Patterson, from the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), who is committed to working across disciplines to achieve outcomes that really matter for patients.

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Megan Howe
Editor, HARC e-Bulletin