November 2013.

What can hospitals learn about safety from the aviation and nuclear power industries? And do patient reviews of healthcare providers on websites have an impact on clinical outcomes? These are just some questions tackled by the new research featured in this month’s HARC e-Bulletin.

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are also featured, with the Medical Journal of Australia sharing some of the results from a survey of out-of-pocket expenditure in Australian households. It suggests previous estimates may have been understated.

We also look at how well physicians recognise, understand and treat obesity, and what can be done to improve obesity care. A piece in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests primary care workers are overworked and focused on pharmacologically treatable conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes, with the more difficult-to-treat condition of obesity flying under the radar.

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Melissa Davey
Editor, HARC e-Bulletin