December 2013.

In this month’s HARC e-Bulletin we feature a world-first Australian study comparing continuity of midwifery care throughout pregnancy with standard public hospital care. For the first time researchers have shown caseload midwifery reduces interventions in birth and lowers healthcare costs. The findings were published in The Lancet.

And research from the University of York in the UK finds patient-reported outcome measures reveal more about the patient being treated than the competence of the health professionals treating them.

In last month’s e-Bulletin, we wrote about Professor Greg Maynard, a pioneer in the use of electronic medical record (eMR) systems to improve care quality in the US, and his thoughts on clinical decision support systems in NSW.

In this video, the Sax Institute’s Dr Carmen Huckel Schneider asks Professor Maynard about how electronic medical record systems can improve patient care in hospitals.

We hope you enjoy this final edition of the HARC e-Bulletin for 2013. We will resume publication in January and in the meantime wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Send correspondence to And, as always, please forward this edition on to those colleagues you think may be interested.

Melissa Davey
Editor, HARC e-Bulletin