“Our partners, collaborators and clients value three characteristics above all that define the Sax Institute: our independence, our expertise and our determination to follow the evidence… This year has been exceptionally strong for the Sax Institute and has demonstrated a growing interest nationally in our expertise and approach – neatly summarised in our self-description as an ‘evidence specialist’.” – Ms Kim Anderson, Acting Chair.

Highlights of 2018–19:

  • The value of the 45 and Up Study continues to grow, with a research project based on the Study and focusing on the prevention and management of dementia receiving national grant funding support
  • A surge in demand for our Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE), with nearly one-third more users by 30 June 2019 compared to a year earlier
  • Public Health Research & Practice has continued to extend its reach, with a growth in website traffic and expanding international readership
  • Our Decision Analytics team delivered a significantly expanded program of work, and our systems modelling and simulation tools are being used to inform strategic planning, advocacy and alliance building at national, state and regional levels
  • The Evaluate team had its busiest year yet, managing 23 projects and working with a wide range of organisations across most jurisdictions
  • The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre further developed a collegial, cross-jurisdictional prevention research community that has changed how its members think and work
  • The Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health (SEARCH) has included a particular focus on mental health, and a range of evidence-based improvements in mental health services for Aboriginal young people have been introduced in the South West Sydney area as a result.