COVID moved participatory modelling online: here’s what we’ve learnt

Over the past year, we’ve all adapted to remote meetings, remote learning, and even remote pilates. But when it comes to running remote collaborative health research workshops, things can get trickier. We talked to the Sax Institute’s Cindy Peng, Decision Analytics Manager, about her experiences moving dynamic modelling workshops online during the pandemic, and some of the lessons (and challenges) of virtual workshops.

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Modelling shows tracking app critical to containing COVID second wave

Independent modelling published today projects a second wave of COVID-19 in Australia if social distancing and testing decline further – but new cases could be slashed by over 50% if enough people use the COVIDSafe app and remaining issues with it are resolved. While social distancing and high rates of testing remain the best ways … Read more

Can modelling the COVID-19 outbreak really predict its future?

This article was written by Cindy Peng, Manager of the Sax Institute’s Decision Analytics team, and Dr Danielle Currie, Senior System Dynamics Modeller at the Sax Institute. It was originally published in The Mandarin. A few short months ago, if you’d uttered the phrase “flattening the curve” in a public place, you’d have drawn blank … Read more