More than a quarter of a million people have helped create the rich data resource that is the 45 and Up Study.

By offering their health information and allowing us to link this to their health service usage and other data, the 45 and Up Study participants have made it possible for policy makers and program managers to gain insights into our ageing population that were not previously possible.

In tracking such a large segment of the population over time with regular follow-up, the Study offers rapid, reliable answers to your policy questions. And if you need help defining your research question we can help with that too.

We can determine whether 45 and Up can help you in your work and if the Study is not the right option, we will work with you to find other solutions.

Targeted questions enable you to supplement existing 45 and Up Study questions to address areas of particular interest to your work. For example, targeted questions have already been used to understand whether people have wills, whether they experienced difficulties in early life, whether they are satisfied with services and whether they have had shingles. They can also lay the ground work for identifying a sub set of participants who might be linked to other data or followed over time.

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