The Sax Institute aims to be the bridge between health decision makers and researchers, giving each the tools to work more closely together for the benefit of all Australians.

Knowledge Exchange

We understand that barriers exist to accessing and analysing research for use in health policy making and program development. The programs and services offered through our Knowledge Exchange program and via our research assets are geared to address these. They include:

  • Evidence Check – we commission concise research summaries that answer your specific policy questions
  • Evaluation Make – we assist you to commission high-quality, rigorous evaluations of existing or new policies and programs.

The 45 and Up Study

The 45 and Up Study is our major research asset and a unique resource containing data about the health, lifestyle and risk factors of more than 250,000 NSW men and women aged 45 and over that is linked to their hospital, general practice and pharmaceutical use.This wealth of data provides policy makers with unprecedented opportunities to understand the population’s health, health services use and the impact of programs. Our new Analysis for Policy program is designed to help policy and program agencies use the Study and offers a customised service to help them define their research questions and establish research partnerships using Study data.

Innovation and Exchange

We host high-level exchange events that bring health decision makers and researchers to the same table.

  • Web CIPHER, our members-only online community, offers policy and program agencies access to high-quality research syntheses, research news and funding opportunities, and interesting relevant events.
  • Our Evidence Exchanges are tailored events that tap into the best research expertise to address policy questions.