1 November 2019.

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) generate large amounts of valuable data with untapped potential to identify and monitor patterns of health service use and inform health service planning.

The Sax Institute invites you to attend this one-day seminar on working with MBS and PBS data, which will provide insights into the multiple ways these datasets can be used.

Participants will receive an introduction to datasets, advice on dealing with some of their specific characteristics, and view examples of how researchers have used this data.

Topics covered include:

  • Why analyse MBS and PBS data?
  • Different data cuts available
  • What information is captured in these datasets?
  • Which people are included in these datasets?
  • Common elements in MBS and PBS data
  • What can and cannot be measured using MBS and PBS data?
  • Peculiarities of the datasets
  • How to choose the right codes, people, and study periods
  • General advice for analysing MBS and PBS data
  • Analysing aggregate data
  • A case study for analysing individual-level data from multiple datasets

Who should attend?

This introductory seminar will be of interest to researchers, policymakers and health service/program planning teams new to working with MBS and PBS data. The seminar is designed for those planning to use Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study or similar for linked data research and those interested in driving policy and practice change.

About the presenter

Image of Dr Anna Kemp-Casey. She is wearing black and is standing in front of a blue wall at the Sax Institute.

Dr Anna Kemp-Casey

Dr Anna Kemp-Casey is a Research Fellow in the Medicines and Device Surveillance Centre for Research Excellence at the University of South Australia and an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Centre for Health Services Research at The University of Western Australia.

Anna has a decade of experience using PBS and MBS data to examine health service use in vulnerable populations. Her other research activities include cost barriers to medicines use, analysis of policy impacts, pharmaco-vigilance and medicines safety, and health outcomes studies using linked State and Commonwealth datasets.

Anna is a former member of the Drug Utilisation Subcommittee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and a co-founder of Medicines Use Research Australia.


For more information please contact Jillian Hutchinson.

E: jillian.hutchinson@saxinstitute.org.au T: 02 9188 9595


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