This Masterclass was held as part of the 9th Annual 45 and Up Study Collaborators’ Meeting, and was prepared and chaired by Study Operations Director Dr Belinda Goodenough.

An experienced panel of researchers were present for a Q&A session, including Professor Louisa Jorm (Principal Scientist, Sax Institute), Professor Emily Banks (45 and Up Study Scientific Director, Sax Institute), Associate Professor Fiona Blyth (Head of Intramural Research, Sax Institute), Professor Bruce Armstrong (Senior Advisor, Sax Institute) and Dr Bette Liu (epidemiologist, The University of New South Wales).

The discussion covered a range of information such as:

  • Useful tips for grant applications
  • How to craft a strong and clear justification for funding support
  • How to emphasise the strengths of the 45 and Up Study while acknowledging limitations of data (including a discussion on generalisability, representativeness, limitations, heterogeneity and validity)
  • The importance of persistence and resilience.

Participants were also provided with a list of resources and websites for further reference.

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