The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (the Prevention Centre) was established in June 2013 as a national collaboration to find and promote new ways to prevent Australia’s greatest health challenge: the epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

The Prevention Centre conducts internationally significant research to accelerate the prevention of chronic disease. Our goal is to achieve sustainable, evidence-based, whole of system solutions and arm governments and health decision makers with the best evidence that will lead to people avoiding chronic disease and staying out of hospital.

In our first five years, we made an important contribution to policy and practice by completing 40 research projects involving more than 150 investigators, undertaking a robust program of knowledge translation, and building connections and capacity within Australia’s prevention community.

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Leadership Executive

Co-Director Professor Andrew Wilson, The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

Co-Director Professor Lucie Rychetnik, The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

Professor Adrian Bauman, The University of Sydney

Dr Louise Freebairn, ACT Health

Professor Billie Giles Corti, RMIT University

Professor Penny Hawe, The University of Sydney

Professor Sally Redman, The Sax Institute

Associate Professor Gary Sacks, Deakin University

Andrew Milat, NSW Health

Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden, University of Newcastle

For more information about the Leadership Executive, visit the Prevention Centre website

The Coordinating Centre

Professor Andrew Wilson, Co-Director

Professor Lucie Rychetnik, Co-Director

Ainsley Burgess, Communications Manager

Diana Freeman, Operations Manager

Elly Howse, Research Fellow

Dr Michelle Irving, Knowledge Mobilisation Lead

Helen Loughlin, Senior Communications Officer

Dr Jo Mitchell, Senior Adviser

Kathryn Placencia, Project Officer

For an A-Z list of research staff, visit the Prevention Centre website