Our Research Checkup service supports policy and program agencies to forensically examine how they are using evidence from research.

It helps agencies better understand how they use evidence to inform their decision-making processes and it assists them in identifying opportunities to strengthen their use of research. It also offers guidance in building an approach to achieve this.

The service measures the systems organisations have in place to find and use research, the ways that staff use research and how they incorporate research into their work.

Providing feedback

It then provides this information back to agencies to help them evaluate their ‘research health’, and identify what they might best do to support and encourage their staff to use evidence from research. The Research Checkup service is tailored to individual agencies’ needs. It helps identify where investment in training, systems development or other programs may be of most use in terms of using research.

The measures used in Research Checkup were developed and tested in six policy agencies as part of the work of the Centre for Informing Policy in Health with Evidence from Research (CIPHER). These measures assess both the individual capacity of staff  and the organisational capacity to make best use of research.

Follow-up activities

After the Checkup takes place, agencies may choose to work with us to develop and implement strategies to address agreed focus areas. This may include capacity building workshops on areas of research use such as appraisal or evaluation.

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