Sonia Wutzke

1970 – 2017

Associate Professor Sonia Wutzke, Deputy Director of The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre and Head of Analysis and Evaluation at the Sax Institute, died suddenly and unexpectedly on 22 December, 2017.

Sonia has been an integral and greatly valued member of the Sax Institute for many years. She played a leading role in the establishment of both the 45 and Up Study and SEARCH, contributing her outstanding skills in leadership, collaboration and management.

More recently she led the operations of the Prevention Centre and several of its key projects and directed the evaluation and analysis programs at the Sax. Sonia was a thoughtful, committed and incisive contributor to the Sax Institute’s executive team.  

Sax Institute CEO, Professor Sally Redman, said: ‘Sonia made an immense contribution to the Institute over so many years.  Her leadership in the early stages of 45 and Up and SEARCH was absolutely fundamental to their success. I feel privileged to have known Sonia and she has been a much valued colleague and friend to many at the Institute and beyond. She will be so greatly missed both personally and professionally’.  

Prevention Centre Director, Professor Andrew Wilson, said: ‘Sonia was an incredible person whose management skills, intellectual contribution and passion for our mission has been fundamental to our success. She will be greatly missed, as without her the Prevention Centre would not be what it is’. 

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with her family at this time.

Sonia, Rest In Peace.