Smoking findings spark media interest

Smoking findings presented at the 10th Annual 45 and Up Collaborators’ Meeting attracted widespread media interest, with more than 300 print, online, radio and television reports as well as social media shares.

The Australian-first research shows that damage from even light tobacco smoking is more severe – and associated with a higher risk of premature death – than previously thought.

A selection of media coverage:

Sax Institute’s ’45 and Up’ Study shows smoking really does cut ten years off your life
The Daily Telegraph

Smoking’s pall hangs over us all
Adelaide Advertiser

Study finds even light smoking causes significant damage
ABC AM Program

Smoking even deadlier than previously thought, Australian study finds
The Guardian

Risk of early death from smoking more severe than thought, Australian study reveals
ABC news

New study finds smoking even more deadly than thought
Los Angeles Times

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