HARC presents: Five questions on measuring health system reporting with Professor Fabrizio Carinci

Professor Fabrizio Carinci would like to see health ministers around the world able to access data on the performance of public health systems on their mobile phones, in way that helps inform crucial policy decisions.

Professor Carinci, Professor of Health Systems and Policy at the University of Surrey and member of the OECD Health Care Quality Indicators Expert Group and Advisory Panel on Health Information infrastructure, visited Australia last month and led a HARC Roundtable on the revised OECD Health Systems Performance Framework.

In this “Five Questions” video, he discusses why public performance reporting is so important, and outlines some of the challenges in comparative public reporting at a global level.

One of the most critical challenges is to make active use of health performance data so it is not just “the yellow pages of health information”, but is used to improve health services, Professor Carinci says.

“One of key challenges is to create interfaces that are strong enough, but easy to use,” he says.

“I would like to see health ministers from all camps actually able to use their mobile [phone] to make substantial use of this information for their work – considering that many policy makers may not be specialists in clinical sector, but have to make important decisions.”

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