Evaluate program launched to support better policies and programs
Sax Institute 08-07-2016
Professor Don Nutbeam, internationally recognised leader in evaluatsion
Professor Don Nutbeam says Evaluate will develop rigorous research evidence to support innovative programs and policies.

The Sax Institute has launched a new program that provides independent evaluation advice and services to help decision-makers better assess the value, impact and outcomes of their policies and programs.

The Evaluate program is grounded in the Institute’s work developing tools and systems for interacting with evidence. It  builds on the organisation’s long history in providing independent advice and linking decision makers with research knowledge and expertise to enable them to make better informed decisions, says Program Leader Professor Don Nutbeam, an internationally recognised public health expert and leader in evaluation.

For some years, the Institute has offered evaluation advice to policy and program agencies, and it is building on this track record to provide the level of quality evaluation services that governments and their agencies are seeking.

“There is growing recognition of the enormous value in embedding evaluation from the very beginning of new programs or interventions. At the Sax Institute, we understand the complex, real-world challenges of policy and program evaluation,” Professor Nutbeam says.

Understanding the policy environment

“We have access to recognised experts who understand policy realities and timeframes. The Institute is known for employing staff who are partner-focused, collaborative and in touch with the challenges of policy innovation and its evaluation.”

For evaluation to have a real impact, it is important to choose the right evaluation methods to fit each project, a process that Professor Nutbeam says requires  not only judgement and technical knowledge, but a real understanding of the policy environment.

The Institute’s unique independent perspective, and its expertise in connecting decision-makers with nationally recognised leaders in evaluation enables it to help agencies use the best evaluation methods to address real-world problems, in real time, he says.

Continuum of services

Evaluate provides a range of services, from expert advice on planning evaluations through to conducting evaluations. Services include:

  • Evaluation planning
  • Conducting evaluations
  • Training and capacity building
  • Addressing ‘what’s next’ to help agencies optimise what they’ve learned
  • Adding value by connecting agencies to Sax Institute’s policy-relevant research cohorts, data linkage capability and expertise

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