Canadian scholars to build their health knowledge at Sax Institute
Alexandra Kilian hopes to learn about research methods related to health systems strengthening
Alexandra Kilian
Christopher Galano

Two young Canadian scholars are set to build on their knowledge of health systems by undertaking internships with the Sax Institute, after being awarded scholarships by the influential McMaster Health Forum in Ontario, Canada.

Christopher Galano and Alexandra Kilian are recipients of the  Queen Elizabeth Scholarships in Strengthening Health Systems, which aim to develop the community of young global leaders and create lasting impacts on health systems throughout the Commonwealth.

Mr Galano, who is currently studying for his Masters in Science in the Global Health program at McMaster University, hopes to integrate and build upon knowledge from his previous experiences to contribute to health systems strengthening abroad and he is excited to learn more about, and be involved with, knowledge translation and the use of research evidence to inform policy decision-making.

Ms Kilian is eager to learn about the advocacy and research methods related to health systems strengthening, and to consider the challenges and processes of knowledge translation between disciplines that work within and outside of health systems. She is currently an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with the McMaster Health Forum and to be part of this effort to build a network of young leaders committed to driving the use of research in policies, programs and services,” said Sax Institute CEO Professor Sally Redman. “We look forward to welcoming Christopher and Alexandra.”

The two scholars will begin their internships here  in May.

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