45 and Up Study reaches first major milestone

The 45 and Up Study has hit a major milestone: launching the first five-year check-up of its 250,000 participants since they signed up to the Study. The follow-up to the Study will be the first of many and is designed to determine what has changed in participants’ health and lifestyles over time. Their answers will help us record a moving picture of the nation’s health and better understand the causes of chronic disease.

More than one in 10 NSW men and women over 45 are taking part in the Study and more than 40,000 people have received questionnaires as part of the first wave of the follow-up. The remaining 210,000 people will be resurveyed as part of a three-year roll-out.

45 and Up participant Gaetano di Benedetto talks to Channel 7 reporter Paul Kadak

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