February 2016.

International expert Professor Fabrizio Carinci recently appeared at a HARC Roundtable on the revised OECD Health Systems Performance Framework. Professor Carinci is Professor of Health Systems and Policy at the University of Surrey and member of the OECD Health Care Quality Indicators Expert Group and Advisory Panel on Health Information infrastructure.

Dr Nigel Lyons, Chief Executive of the Agency for Clinical Innovation chaired the forum. Local experts Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque, Chief Executive of the Bureau of Health Information and Dr Diane Watson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Performance Authority joined Professor Carinci in a panel discussion following his presentation.

Professor Carinci discussed recent developments in OECD projects, including:

  • the state of the art in the definition of OECD performance indicators
  • challenges emerging from OECD R&D studies
  • transferability and use of definitions at sub-national and provider level
  • hospital performance benchmarking applicability for geographical variation
  • limitations imposed by legislation on privacy and data protection
  • an overarching vision of “essential levels of health information”.

Through practical examples drawn from his first-hand experience as a Member of the HCQI Expert Group and other relevant Boards, Professor Carinci discussed recent developments, the role played by national governments (including the Australian Government), and potential avenues for collaboration.


Professor Fabrizio Carinci’s presentation