Our May 2016 HARC Forum featured Accreditation Canada President and CEO Ms Leslee Thompson, who challenged the audience to think about major changes to the way accreditation systems should operate in order to “move the needle” on improving patient care.

The health system needed disruption to help keep patients safe, she said, arguing that accreditation and standards needed reshaping in order to have a greater impact on quality and safety. Ms Margaret Banks, Senior Program Director of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care also addressed the forum, saying that the accreditation system of the future must be both effective and efficient at driving high quality and safe care, must be valued by clinicians and involve consumers, and must promote good governance.

The forum was chaired by Dr Karen Luxford, Director of Patient Based Care, Clinical Excellence Commission, and the speakers’ presentations sparked a lively discussion among forum participants about the benefits and shortfalls of healthcare accreditation.

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