November 2013.

The HARC partners were delighted to host Professor Greg Maynard, Director of the Center for Innovation and Improvement Science at the University of California, and Senior Vice President of the US Society of Hospital Medicine’s Center for Healthcare Improvement and Innovation, as keynote speaker at the November 2013 HARC Forum.

Professor Maynard – a pioneer in the use of electronic medical record (eMR) systems to improve care quality in the US – spoke about using new technology to improve healthcare.

He said eMR systems in NSW are at a crossroads in their evolution, and key steps should be taken to ensure they are fit for purpose. He emphasised the importance of getting the systems set up with important data collection and reporting capacity right from the outset.

In response to Professor Maynard’s presentation, Professor Johanna Westbrook, Director of the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research, presented her research about how innovative technologies are being used in hospitals to reduce medication errors and influence doctors’ prescribing practices.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A panel discussion including Liverpool Hospital rheumatologist Professor Kathy Gibson and chaired by the Sax Institute’s Mr Bob Wells.

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