Fred Lee 8th HARC Forum

Fred Lee addresses the 8th HARC Forum

September 2012.

Hospitals are complex systems operating in a changing and challenging environment.  Evidence shows the culture of hospitals is a critical determinant of the quality of healthcare and the patient experience.

Fred Lee, author of If Disney ran your hospital: 9 1/2 things you would do differently, presented to the HARC Network in September 2012 on what needs to be done to help hospitals develop cultures that best support effective healthcare and an improved patient experience.

Fred Lee is an internationally recognised expert in patient relations and service excellence. He has been both a senior vice president of a major American medical facility and a cast member at Disney University.

Fred Lee’s presentation was followed by a response from a local expert, Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, the Foundation Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. Sophie Scott, the ABC’s National Medical Reporter, engaged the audience with a Q&A session with the experts.

Fred Lee’s presentation