This Evidence Snapshot review identifies innovative models of service delivery for Opioid Treatment Programs and their costs. The review was conducted to support improving access to treatment in NSW. Innovative models of opioid treatment identified were digital health, primary care, low threshold, group-based treatment, and mobile outreach as well as a combination of these models. Telemedicine models were most frequently mentioned in the peer reviewed literature as these addressed many traditional barriers to treatment, particularly for rural and hard to reach communities. Primary care models were most frequently mentioned in the grey literature as using innovative approaches which included the use of designated nonphysician staff to perform the care coordination role and tiered care models with centralised intake and stabilisation of patients with ongoing management in community settings. None of the included papers mentioned costs.



Rawlings D, Moore G, du Toit A, Song H, Goldberg E, Ahmed M U, Jani H S. The effectiveness of opioid treatment delivery models: An Evidence Snapshot brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health, 2022

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