This review explores current use of patient surveys to examine patient experiences of planned and emergency surgery. The review found 19 surveys related to patient experiences of surgery; 10 were developed for specific surgeries (i.e.. hip replacement) and 9 were generic patient experience surveys that included some surgery-specific items. While the identified questionnaires address important issues about surgical procedures, communication with clinicians and administrative processes and health care facilities, there were significant gaps related to decision-making and the experience of care in the surgical setting in NSW. No questionnaires specifically addressed emergency surgery, and none covered the entire surgical patient journey. A bespoke surgical patient experience instrument, or suite of surgery-specific items, would enhance collection of context-specific patient experience data in NSW.


Young J, Steffens D, Venchiarutti R, Alchin L, McBride K. Surveying patient experience of surgical care: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Bureau of Health Information

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