This Evidence Check examines how clinicians’ experience of providing healthcare has been defined and measured. The review was conducted within the context of substantial change and innovation within NSW Health, focusing on the clinical and supportive care aspects of the clinician role. The research found was limited and mainly qualitative. Clinician experience was either defined inconsistently or not defined at all. However, the research did show that clinician experience was complex, involving both individual psychology and organisational outcomes. Few survey questionnaires had been developed to measure clinician experience, and those that had were either focused on the situation in a particular time and place rather than being suitable for use across a wide variety of contexts in healthcare, or focused only on a narrow aspect of clinician experience. Overall, the review shows a relatively underdeveloped area of research, in need of more focus to enable policy-makers to better understand clinician experience.


Harrison R, Pervaz-Iqbal M, Mimmo L, Mears S, Manias E. Measuring clinician experience of providing care: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute ( for the NSW Ministry of Health, 2019.

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