This review examines the evidence surrounding effectiveness of electronic medical records (eMRs) in terms of usability and uptake in mental health settings. Acceptability of mental health eMRs was found to be higher when useability and reliability were also high, and technical support was available. Factors associated with positive eMR implementation outcomes were found in studies where: tools were embedded into existing systems, systems matched natural clinical workflows, systems did not interfere with clinician-patient interactions and where there were apparent benefits to using the eMR (i.e. where risk assessment and prescribing tools were tailored to the psychiatric context).
Zurynski Y, Ellis L, Tong HL, Laranjo L, Clay-Williams R, Testa L. Groedahl A. Effectiveness of mental health electronic medical records: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health
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