This review aimed to identify community-based programs for over 60s that combine physical activity with other activities addressing key health risk factors, and which are effective in improving health behaviours and outcomes in this age group. It also considered applicable to NSW, identifying characteristics relevant to the NSW setting. The majority of the 26 included studies (examining 23 programs) found some evidence that combined interventions showed positive differences in physical and cognitive performance outcomes in the short-term. However, evidence for long-term impact is limited. Results should be interpreted with caution due to weak study designs and the short duration of programs


Citation: Comans TA, Nguyen K-H, Gardiner P, Rahja M, Moretto N. Community-based health promotion for older adults: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Office of Preventive Health. doi:10.57022/kftt5133

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