The 45 and Up Study is the one of Australia’s longest-running studies into healthy ageing.

Meet the researchers who are using this incredible data for life-changing research, and discover how their work is making an impact on Australian health policy and services.

Using the power of media to promote good health

16 March 2021. Social media has given rise to an era of self-proclaimed health ‘experts’ touting dietary quick-fixes that tap into our desire to live healthier lives. Few are backed by evidence, but the likes and views continue to grow.


Research sheds light on adult vaccination

4 March 2021. Associate Professor Bette Liu used the 45 and Up Study to examine adult vaccination for whooping cough and shingles. The results of her research have helped inform Australia’s wider immunisation plans.


Green space research makes way for better city design

headshot of Thomas Astell-Burt

22 February 2021. New research using the 45 and Up Study has found that increasing urban tree canopy may help improve our physical health, restore mental health, and could even reduce the risk of dementia. These findings are now helping to improve city design.