The Sax Institute produces a range of publications, including: published research in peer-reviewed journals; Evidence Check Reviews, evidence summaries designed to answer specific policy questions; and a peer-reviewed public health journal Public Health Research & Practice.

HARC e-Bulletin Issue 16

HARC eBulletin Issue 16 Cover

June 2011. In this issue we provide an update on international trends in monitoring quality-of-care variation and showcase a new centre in the US that will use this information to change practice. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 16 (PDF 272 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 15

HARC eBulletin Issue 15 Cover

December 2010. This issue covers a systematic review of telemedicine effectiveness, a Bureau of Health Information report into NSW hospitals’ elective surgery performance and a paper on consumer engagement in health research. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 15 (PDF 244 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 14

HARC eBulletin Issue 14 Cover

October 2010. Topics include inaugural winners of the HARC scholarship, telehealth in the US, and health system performance reporting in Australia. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 14 (PDF 379 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 13

HARC eBulletin Issue 13 Cover

June 2010. In this issue we look at controversial topics being discussed locally and internationally such as the relationship between financial incentives and performance improvement, ways to discontinue funding practices that are no longer beneficial, and the association between chronic illness prevalence and increases in diagnostic practices in routinely...


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 12

HARC eBulletin Issue 12 Cover

April 2010. Topics include how to reduce hospital-acquired infections, innovations to reduce costs without compromising quality, disinvestment in healthcare interventions that no longer work, and public reporting of health system performance. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 12 (PDF 314 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 11

HARC eBulletin Issue 11 Cover

December 2009. This issue focuses on research findings that challenge three assumptions about healthcare: inpatient surgical mortality is largely due to differences in complication rates between hospitals; most Australians have high health literacy; and hospital performance report cards alone will provoke hospitals to improve quality. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 11 (PDF...


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 10

HARC eBulletin Issue 10 Cover

September 2009. Topics include palliative care for advanced cancer patients, reducing hospital-acquired infection rates, health literacy in Australia and implementing evidence-based care. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 10 (PDF 145 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 9

HARC Issue 9 Cover

July 2009. Topics include new evidence about increasing organ donations, improving compliance with patient wishes at end of life, retaining physicians in the workforce, and structuring organisations to provide decision makers with advice on comparative effectiveness research. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 9 (PDF 105 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 8

HARC Issue 8 Cover

March 2009. Topics include new evidence for acute geriatric units, a surgical checklist shown to reduce deaths and complications that is being implemented across the NHS, and processes to improve post-acute care such as discharge planning and telephone follow-up care. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 8 (PDF 101 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 7

HARC eBulletin Issue 7 Cover

December 2008. Topics include end-of-life care, midwifery-led care, and monitoring the safety and quality of the health system. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 7 (PDF 116 KB)