HARC, the Health Alliance for Research Collaboration, is a state-wide network of researchers, health managers, clinicians and policy makers, which aims to improve health and hospital services through research.

The HARC e-Bulletin is a monthly update of the latest influential national and international reviews, research and reports. It covers topics of direct relevance to current and emerging healthcare policy issues in Australia.

HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 38

July 2015. In this month’s Bulletin, we shine a spotlight on the value of patient data. We feature research that shows how data linkage has revealed “hot spots” where Australian patients are crossing state borders for hospital care. Another US study based on data from nine million patients reveals surprising...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 37


June 2015. In this month’s Bulletin, we meet the four recipients of the 2015 HARC scholarships, who will now have the opportunity to investigate areas ranging from antimicrobial resistance to design thinking in healthcare. In our research section, we focus on new findings on emergency care, including a study...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 36

May 2015. This month’s Bulletin focuses on the patient experience of healthcare. We lead with our wrap of the recent forum featuring NHS expert Dan Wellings, and look at research that shows how feedback from patients about the safety of care they receive in hospital can be used to drive...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 35

April 2015. In this month’s Bulletin, we report on the recent HARC Scholars Forum, which showcased some of the diverse and far-reaching outcomes achieved by former scholarship recipients across areas ranging from burns care to the use of social media in health campaigns. We also cover the news of...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 34

March 2015. In this month’s Bulletin, we look at the latest research on antenatal care, including research on whether offering pregnant women financial incentives to quit smoking pays off. The huge burden of hospital readmission is also the focus of new research, with a study finding much of the...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 33

February 2015. In this month’s Bulletin we invite HARC partner employees to apply for the 2015 HARC Scholarship Program. You can also read about how HARC scholar Bernadette King from the Clinical Excellence Commission is putting her research to good use. In research, we look at hospital performance and...


HARC e-Bulletin, Issue 32

January 2015. Welcome to your first edition of the HARC e-Bulletin for 2015. This month, we look at new research exploring factors that affect the cost of care in our hospitals. We also look at the importance of deprescribing medicines, research questioning the role of antibiotics in asthma development,...


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 31

November/December 2014. This month we bring you a report from the December HARC Forum, where keynote speaker Dr Niek Klazinga from the OECD Health Division stressed the importance of national data linkage and highlighted some barriers to its implementation. In research we look at patient safety, including a resident...


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 30

October 2014. In this month’s Bulletin we bring you a HARC ‘Five questions’ video with Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive of Salford Royal NHS Trust, talking about how to engage and motivate staff In research, we look at mental health, including how racism in health settings can cause psychological distress; lack of progress...


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 29

HARC issue 29

September 2014. In this month’s Bulletin we look at research about two vital safety and quality themes: the massive global increase in healthcare data and how it can be used to improve health services; and including patient experiences of healthcare in research to create better outcomes for all. We also report...