A Sax Institute Evidence Check involves conducting a rapid review of existing research and evidence that is tailored to  a policy agency’s individual needs. Our Knowledge Exchange team then coordinates an Evidence Check Review – a concise summary of evidence that answers specific policy questions presented in a policy-friendly format.

The Evidence Check Library houses a selection of Evidence Check Reviews conducted for policy agencies over the past two years.

To commission a review call + 61 2 9188 9500 or email the Knowledge Exchange team.

Improving social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

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December 2018. Bainbridge R, McCalman J, Jongen C, Campbell S, Kinchin I et al. This review aimed to identify effective policies, programs and services for improving social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Animal sourced protein meat and poultry and heart health

Evidence Check Cover for Animal sourced protein

December 2018. Ndanuko R, Marklund M, Zheng M, Collins C, Raubenheimer D, Wu J. This review examines the relationship between unprocessed meat intake and cardiovascular disease (CVD), focusing on: the association between meat/poultry consumption and CVD risk in adults; whether there is a level of consumption at which the...


Community-based mental health and wellbeing support for refugees

November 2018. Slewa-Younan S, Blignault I, Renzaho A, Doherty M. Addressing refugees’ mental health needs is challenging for countries offering resettlement. Targeted community based psychosocial support, which acknowledges the heterogeneous cultural, religious and linguistic needs of refugee populations is needed. This Evidence Check was commissioned by the NSW Ministry...


CAR T-cell therapy: a summary of evidence

November 2018. Kew K, Knight K, Karner C and Edwards S J. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a promising next generation immunotherapy for treatment of cancer. This review identified factors to be considered in NSW and nationally for assessment and implementation of this potentially lifesaving treatment. Accelerated...


Service models for children under 10 with problematic sexual behaviours

December 2018. Cox S, Ey L-A, Parkinson S, Bromfield L. Children will display sexual behaviour as part of normal development, however age inappropriate behaviours are considered problematic. Such behaviours may have long term negative impacts and can lead to increased risk of sexual exploitation. While several recent reviews have examined...


Managing health and wellbeing in the workplace

January 2018. Bellew B. This Evidence Check was commissioned to support SafeWork NSW in developing a framework to manage the health and wellbeing and workers. The author reviewed Australian and international evidence related to four specific areas: 1) Effectiveness – programs, frameworks or models which have shown to be...


Healthy mothers and babies

October 2018. This review examines evidence on life-course approaches to maternal and newborn health and, in particular, on outcomes and critical success factors for implementation. It found few frameworks or programs that take a life-course approach that had been implemented and most initiatives did not report on long-term outcomes....


Supporting people in social housing gain and maintain employment

March 2018. Leishman C, Cebulla A, Petrou K. There is a growing recognition that policies designed to assist people into work, retain work, re-train, supplement earnings and eventually transition out of social housing and housing assistance, deliver on both social justice and economic objectives. This Evidence Check aimed to...


Review of effective strategies to promote breastfeeding

May 2018. Smith JP, Cattaneo A, Iellamo A, Javanparast S, Atchan M et al. Interventions to support breastfeeding are among the key childbirth and postnatal interventions that have a beneficial impact on maternal and newborn outcomes. This review examines the effectiveness of strategies designed to improve breastfeeding considering their...


Accountable care organisations

April 2018. Peris D, News M, Nallaiah K. There is increasing interest around the globe in accountable care organisations (ACOs) as models of health system reform that have the potential to improve health outcomes and patient experience, while containing or reducing costs of care. This review describes the purpose...