2010-2011 Annual Report

Annual Report 2010-11Cover

The Sax Institute’s work is yielding significant benefits for policy and health, with several key accomplishments achieved in 2010-2011. The Centre for Informing Policy in Health with Evidence for Research (CIPHER) was launched. CIPHER will see policy agencies and leading researchers work together to develop and test new tools,...


2009-2010 Annual Report

Annual Report 2009-2010 Cover

In 2009-2010 Sax Institute programs made notable contributions to health policy. Our Evidence Check reviews informed a wide range of policy programs. We conducted 18 rapid research reviews, looking at issues such as the role of interactive media in reducing adolescent obesity. SEARCH began providing important new information for...


2008-2009 Annual Report

The Sax Institute achieved some major milestones during 2008-2009. More than 260,000 men and women across NSW aged 45 and over generously agreed to share their health information through participation in the 45 and Up Study. The Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health (SEARCH) was established...


2007-2008 Annual Report

Annual Report 2007-2008 Cover

The 2007-2008 year saw the value of the Sax Institute’s work to policy makers and researchers affirmed. Our programs were also expanded. The 45 and Up Study became the largest cohort study in the Southern Hemisphere, enrolling 125,000 participants by the end of the year. Strong Foundations, Strong Futures,...