Lung cancer screening an opportunity to save thousands of lives in Australia

Media release: 31 July 2019. Screening people at high risk for lung cancer – still Australia’s single biggest cancer killer – has the potential to save thousands of lives especially among former smokers, according to a new paper on the future of cancer screening in Australia. The paper is...


Cancer screening in the spotlight in latest issue of Public Health Research & Practice

PHRP, volume 29, issue 2, 2019 cover

31 July 2019. A review of the benefits, costs and harms of Australia’s screening programs for bowel and cervical cancers has found they achieve a very strong ‘bang for the buck’, with bowel cancer screening costing as little as $3,380 for each year of life saved – far less...


Sax researcher recognised for outstanding health paper on Cryptosporidium

25 July 2019. Sax Institute staff member Dr Danielle Currie has won an international award for her research into managing disease outbreaks of the waterborne parasite Cryptosporidium – research that will soon be adopted by a leading Australian university to improve its teaching on the topic.


Scholarships open up a world of opportunity

11 July 2019. Four future health care leaders are heading overseas on a diverse range of projects, thanks to the latest round of HARC (Health Alliance for Research Collaboration) scholarships. 


Applications now open for the 2019 Research Action Awards

Lisa Wood

9 July 2019. If you’ve led research that’s had a significant impact on health policy or services, now is the time to apply for the Sax Institute’s 2019 Research Action Awards.


Smoking and heart disease: worse than we thought

Smoking causes untold damage to the heart and major blood vessels and triples the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Media Release: 4 July  2019. Smoking is not just bad for your lungs: it causes untold damage to the heart and major blood vessels and triples the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a major new study based on data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study.


A trip to the ‘heart of empire’

27 June 2019. When Simone Sherriff heard that she’d be travelling to London as part of the Melbourne Poche Leadership Fellows Program for emerging Indigenous leaders, she wondered what on earth the English, of all people, had to teach her about Indigenous leadership.


AI-driven antimicrobial resistance project breaks new ground

23 May 2019. The Sax Institute is involved in a major new initiative to tackle antimicrobial resistance and predict outbreaks using artificial intelligence.


New Evidence Checks on mental health

23 May 2019. Online programs and apps can be very effective for treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety in adults, according to one of four new Evidence Check reviews recently added to the Institute’s Evidence Check Library.


A window into the world of out-of-home care

Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study

22 May 2019. A unique longitudinal study in NSW is building a gold standard data asset about children in out-of-home care.