Helping primary care support victim-survivors of family and domestic violence

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28 April 2022. Domestic and family violence is a huge public health issue that can have a profound and long-term effect on the health and wellbeing of families, communities and society. GPs play a critical role in helping victim-survivors of family and domestic violence, as they are often the...


Using cohort data for environmental health research

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16 April 2022. The Sax Forum is an initiative that brings together our membership with the aim of sharing knowledge and working out what we can do better together. It involves regular meetings with people from our member organisations to explore a particular issue in public health.  At our...


Out-of-pocket costs hurt those with chronic conditions

22 April 2022. A series of research papers using data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study shows how out-of-pocket costs can quickly mount up for Australians with chronic conditions. Crunching the data, researchers found older Australians are paying up to $670 per year out of their own...


Sax Forum EMCR Workshop: Using cohort datasets for environmental health research

11 April 2022. The third in a series of Sax Forum sessions designed to give Early- and Mid-Career Researchers an understanding of the potential of cohort datasets for health research was held on 30 March 2022. The topic of the workshop was ‘Using cohort datasets for environmental health research’....


Why we need school nurses more than ever

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11 April 2022. As children get back into classrooms after two years of COVID-related disruption, there is a huge focus on their wellbeing. With a quarter of young Australians now experiencing psychological distress, support for mental as well as physical health at school is paramount. But there is help...


Working collaboratively in Aboriginal health research

A Sax Forum workshop on the topic, Working collaboratively in Aboriginal health research, was held on 2 March 2022. The workshop addressed community driven research and working with Aboriginal communities. Presentations were delivered by: Christine Corby OAM, Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Kim Morey, SAHMRI Jamie Newman, Orange Aboriginal Medical...


Experts warn of injury risks due to cosmetic radiation procedures

30 March 2022 The use of radiation for common cosmetic procedures such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation is growing in popularity, but consumers are at risk of injuries such as burns, blistering, scarring and eye damage, experts warn in a paper published today. The article, published in Public...


Sax Forum: Knowledge Mobilisation Symposia

22 March 2022. The first in a series of Knowledge Mobilisation Symposia, being organised by the Sax Institute with the NSW Ministry of Health, was held on 22 March 2022. The Symposium focus was evaluation of policies, programs and services. A keynote address was delivered by Professor Nicholas Mays,...


Working collaboratively in Aboriginal research

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22 March 2022. The Sax Forum is an exciting initiative through which the Sax Institute is helping to share knowledge across its membership and understand what we can do better together. Earlier this month, in our latest Sax Forum meeting, nearly 200 people from the Institute’s member organisations, Aboriginal-controlled health services...


Heart attack survivors fall through medicine cracks

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15 March 2022. Less than one-third of people who survive a heart attack are taking protective medications 12 months later, according to new Australian research based on data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study. Researchers from the George Institute in Sydney analysed medication use in 14,200 people...