The Sax Institute provides training for policymakers, practitioners and researchers to build skills and knowledge that will enable the best use of research to support decision making.

Our training will provide you with tools and knowledge you need, whether you are a policymaker or practitioner seeking to build confidence in understanding how research and evaluation can be used effectively to shape your work or a researcher aiming to have your work used in the development and implementation of policies and programs.

One of our main aims at the Sax Institute is to build ways for researchers, policymakers and practitioners to ensure policy and practice are based on the best available evidence.

We provide training to develop skills on using research and evaluation in policy and practice and for working collaboratively.

Our training program is:

  • Delivered face to face or online
  • Interactive, practical, using real examples where possible
  • Focused on applicability to policy, practice or research contexts
  • Limited to small groups
  • Structured as short courses, from half day to three days
  • Led by highly experienced and respected presenters from research, policy and practice

Upcoming training events:

Building successful partnerships for policy-relevant research

18–19 March 2020. Research conducted with policy partners can have a greater chance of impacting on policies, programs and services. But how do early career researchers build these partnerships? How do they manage and sustain them? And how do they get their research findings known and used? Our skills-based...


Critical appraisal of research to support policy and program professionals

Are you a policy maker or program manager who needs to use research findings in your work? If so, the Sax Institute’s upcoming training course could be for you.

2 April 2020. Are you a policy maker or program manager who needs to use research findings in your work? If so, the Sax Institute’s upcoming training course could be for you. In this 3.5 hour workshop, participants will gain: A greater understanding of different types of evidence from...


Introduction to program evaluation

Image of Adrian Bauman

7 April 2020. This whole-day workshop will help participants understand how to select the most appropriate approach when seeking to evaluate programs and policies. The focus will be on large-scale public-sector programs and the new methods used in their evaluation. It will introduce participants to a range of evaluation...


Working with MBS and PBS data

8 May 2020 The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) generate large amounts of valuable data with untapped potential to identify and monitor patterns of health service use and inform health service planning. The Sax Institute invites you to attend this one-day seminar on working with...


Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Health

21 May 2020. Join us for an “Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Health”, conducted by experienced health economists from the Sydney Health Economics Collaboration (comprising the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney, UNSW, The George Institute). The course will cover: An introduction to economic concepts and the health...


Evaluation that Matters

10 June 2020. This workshop provides an introduction to evaluation theory and practice for improving evidence-based policies and programs. Led by world-renowed public health expert Professor Don Nutbeam, the course will introduce participants to a core set of knowledge and skills to facilitate the use of the best and most...