Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Audit and Risk Management Committee provides advice to the Board about all aspects of the Sax Institute’s financial and risk management. It is chaired by Mr Michael Lambert and its members are Mr Chris Paxton and Dr George Jessup.

Mr Lambert works as a consultant with CIMB Group, Mr Paxton is Partner in the Strategy Consulting team at PwC and Dr Jessup is founder and director of Start-up Australia Ventures.

Research Governance Committee

The Research Governance Committee functions in an oversight and review role and exists to provide advice to the Board on matters including any allegation of research misconduct. The committee’s primary objective is to ensure that the Institute handles allegations that research has not been conducted responsibly, in a manner that is effective, fair and ethical.

It is chaired by Professor Peter Smith and its members are Sax Institute Board Chair Dr Irene Moss and and Professor Judith Whitworth AC.