Investigators: Prof Emily Banks, Prof Adrian Bauman (CI), Prof John Chalmers.

The aims of this study were to analyse cardiovascular disease and diabetes by socio-demographic factors in the baseline 45 and Up dataset; to examine the sub types of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or renal disease that are available in the 45 and Up data set; and to examine the risk for people who have already with reported heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and renal disease. The risk factor profile sought were those risk factors that could be identified through the baseline dataset, including profiling by physical activity level, obesity, smoking status and some nutritional patterning.

Outcomes resulting from this research:

The project produced an important report on baseline prevalence rates of cardiovascular and related risk factors. The investigators of this project also provided valuable feedback to the 45 and Up Study, relating to methodology, which resulted in beneficial updates to the 45 and Up Study’s baseline data.