Event wrap and photo gallery: 12 September 2016.

More than 160 people attended this year’s 45 and Up Study Collaborators’ Meeting, held Tuesday 6 September. The theme was Data, evidence and decision making: innovation for a better future.

The annual meeting is an opportunity to hear about research using the 45 and Up Study, learn about new innovations in data collection and use, and meet the Study partners and research users.

Dr Diane Watson, health performance reporting expert and former chief executive of the National Health Performance Authority, delivered a keynote address exploring how to ensure research evidence is “useful” — that it gets to the right person at the right time to make a difference.

Other plenary presentations included a study using spatial analysis to investigate the link between walkability and physical activity levels; a case study demonstrating how the 45 and Up Study can be used to inform local health services planning; and research that demonstrated the potential savings to government of addressing lifestyle-related factors for chronic disease.

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